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Four Brewers | Craft Beer and Homebrew Podcast

Sep 15, 2014

Season 1, Episode 16 This week, we go to the dark side and are baptized in the blackest of beers.


Roasted in fire, veiled in wax where it stood
Born in the darkness of dark malts and wood
Devoured by organisms, freed spirits drew near
Coating the tongue with the darkest of beers


This week, we travel to the deepest parts of our cellar to sacrifice the darkest of beers upon the alter of the internet, to the Beast, called by his disciples, “Palate.”

The ritual begins with a roasted porter implanted with the darkest of coffee beans. Bred for darkness at Smog City Brewing Co.Groundwork Coffee Porter is reminiscent to that of coffee beans drenched in the eternal darkness and evil of chocolate.

Smog City Brewing Co. - Groundwork Coffee PorterSmog City Brewing Co. – Groundwork Coffee Porter

Born in twilight of a darkening sky in the year 2012, the next victim is an elusive beer that manifests only in the coldest of winters in the northernmost part of the land, from a place known as Hill-Farmstead.

Hill Farmstead – Twilight of the Idols

Twilight of the Idols taps into the deepest of wells for its lifeblood, and is then showered in the wrath of vanilla and coffee. Delivered to us by our brethren in beer, Beer Geek Radio, we toast their generosity and chant their name in the darkest cave in the city of Moreno Valley, California, known to disciples as the den of the Beast.


The final slaying is the from the depths of hell itself, Oregon. These final brews, which were laid to rest in barrels of bourbon, one with nibs of Theo, and the other with lurid coffee beans, are bound by time and pure darkness. Known as Black Butte XX and Black Butte XXVI, from the brewery of Deschutes, they are more than six years departed from one another, and yet their bond runs deep. Melting the wax from their fragile, dark, crowns frees them from their grim isolation, only to then be ravaged by the Beast itself. A worthy sacrifice indeed, but the Beast will never find true satisfaction.

Deschutes Brewery Anniversary BeersDeschutes Brewery Anniversary Beers


A black beer brood with the Beast this night
Reigning in malt, damned by his sight
Lick clean the corpses of these casualties, its prey
Now warm and rotting; the fetor of decay


May the Beast forever reign.

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