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Four Brewers: Craft Beer and Homebrew

Oct 27, 2014

Season 1, Episode 22 It’s that special time of the year when pumpkin beers abound. This week, we carve it up.

This week on the show, we’ve got two homebrews from our Aussie brother from a different mother, “The Beer Mule”, and two interesting craft beers from Hangar 24 Craft Brewery.

Many of you may know 

Oct 20, 2014

Season 1, Episode 21 This week on the show, we’re all up in the 2014 Great American Beer Festival.

The Great American Beer Festival is America’s largest beer festival, and is held once a year in Denver, Colorado. Greg and John were up there for the festivities this year, and needless to say, they were not...

Oct 13, 2014

Season 1, Episode 20 This week, we’re diving into some blind tasting, drinking some Nagelbier, and reaching exponential levels of hoppiness.

We’re not messing around this week. We’re coming out swinging with some blind tasting, courtesy of Jason’s girlfriend, and our bud, SaraMatt accidentally caught a...

Oct 7, 2014

Season 1, Episode 19 This week on the show, we harpooned some whalez from the other side of the continent, Brooklyn Brewery.

Welcome to Four Brewers, the one-day-late edition. As many of you know, the Great American Beer Festival came to a close last Saturday (…it was AWESOME!), which means we were pretty much in...