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Four Brewers: Craft Beer and Homebrew

Oct 27, 2015

Season 2, Episode 43 – This week, our good friend John Ryti joins us and he brought some killer brew from Ironfire Brewing Company in Temecula, California.

This week’s episode is sort of a mixed bag. A little bit of homebrew, some macro beer, some kettle sours, and some IPA. Nothing wrong with mixing it up, right?

nagelBOOCH Kombucha

Oct 19, 2015

Season 2, Episode 42 – This week, the boys are headin’ to Texas.

Jason tends to travel quite a bit for work. One of the fringe benefits is that he’s able to explore the local beer scene in whatever town he’s visiting. Jason was cool enough to bring some beers back from his recent trip to Texas. San Antonio,...

Oct 13, 2015

Season 2, Episode 41 – This week, beers from Sixpoint Brewery, a super-yummy hoppy pale ale from our local friends, Wicks Brewing Company, sprinkles of Almanac Brewing Company’s Citra Sour, and some in-depth homebrew discussion on Quad recipe formulation.

This week on the show, we’re taking a trip to Brooklyn, New...

Oct 5, 2015

Season 2, Episode 40 – This week we’re drinking some GABF medal-winning beers.

Every year, beer drinkers from all over the United States and the world descend upon Denver, Colorado for the Great American Beer Festival. It’s one of the biggest beer festival we know of, and two of the Four Brewers got to attend...