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Four Brewers: Craft Beer and Homebrew

Oct 23, 2016

Season 3, Episode 43 – This week, we’re going back to Sacramento and drinking some beers from Track 7 Brewing Company.

Recently, at the Inland Empire Brewers Guild Summer Send Off Festival, we ran into Amanda Barnes, sales representative for Track 7 Brewing Company, and tried a couple of beers that they brought to the fest. After a bit of conversation and an exchange of business cards, a box of beer from Track 7 magically appeared on our doorstep a couple of weeks later. NICE.

Track 7 Brewing Company BeersTrack 7 Brewing Company Beers

Track 7 Brewing Company is fairly new and they are already showing signs of being a great brewery. Their beers are already fairly widely available all over southern California and are being well received, as far as we can tell. The beers on the show this week range from a honey blonde ale to a peanut butter porter. There were also some hoppy beers in the mix which we all thought were really, really good, especially their Panic IPA. They’re sticking to the classic west coast-style IPA and double IPA formula, which is nice, considering how so many breweries are starting to experiment with the “juicy” New England-style IPA.

Track 7 is definitely on track (oh, puns) to becoming a great California brewery. Give their beers a try if you see them out in the wild. 

Thanks to Track 7 Brewing Company for the beers!


Beers from this week’s episode:
Track 7 Brewing Company – Bee Line Blonde
Track 7 Brewing Company – Panic IPA
Track 7 Brewing Company – Blood Transfusion
Track 7 Brewing Company – Left Eye, Right Eye DIPA
Track 7 Brewing Company – Nukin’ Futz

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