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Four Brewers: Craft Beer and Homebrew

Oct 13, 2015

Season 2, Episode 41 – This week, beers from Sixpoint Brewery, a super-yummy hoppy pale ale from our local friends, Wicks Brewing Company, sprinkles of Almanac Brewing Company’s Citra Sour, and some in-depth homebrew discussion on Quad recipe formulation.

This week on the show, we’re taking a trip to Brooklyn, New York (we’re not really there, duh) to get some of that sweet Sixpoint Brewery action!

Wicks Brewing Company - Paladin Pale AleWicks Brewing Company – Paladin Pale Ale

But first, we start with a new segment on the show, the 4B Mailbag! To accompany the Mailbag segment, we’re drinking a delicious beer from a local favorite of ours, and many in the Inland Empire of southern California, Wicks Brewing Company’s Paladin Pale Ale. This beer is Wicks’ first official bottle release that has made its way to shelves, and it’s superb. A super-hoppy and danky pale ale that has the punch of an IPA with the ABV of a pale ale. This is no session ale, folks…it’s a pale ale, and it’s delicious.

Sixpoint Brewery BeersSixpoint Brewery Beers

Next up are the Sixpoint Brewery beers. Thanks to 4B friend and Patreoneer, Scott McElhone, we were able to get our hands on three six-packs of Sixpoint brews that aren’t distributed in southern California. We’re trying to branch out, people! 

First is The CrispJohn thinks this is one of the coolest beer names for a lager, and the beer inside of this Sixpoint brew does not fall short of its name. It’s quite tasty and damn near perfect.

Next is Sweet Action. We didn’t quite figure out what this beer was, exactly (turns out it’s a cream ale), but it did spur some conversation regarding guitars, bands, and Wayne’s World.

Finally is the much sought after Resin. For an east coast IPA, this beer delivers. We beer drinkers in California often criticize east coast IPA for its over the top malt character and seemingly lackluster hop profile. This beer is not that. It quite good and unique for the style. The malts are definitely there, but they take a middle seat to the wonderful hop profile. It’s a solid IPA that’s worthy of the hype that precedes it.

We wrap up the show with Citra Sour from Almanac Beer Co. while discussing possible beer recipes for a Quad that Greg wants to age in a rye whiskey barrel he acquired from Re:Find Distillery. Quadruple style beers can be difficult to brew. Barrel aging can also be quite difficult. We try to put it all in perspective.


Beers from this week’s episode:
Wicks Brewing Co: Paladin Pale Ale
Sixpoint Brewery: The Crisp
Sixpoint Brewery: Sweet Action
Sixpoint Brewery: Resin
Almanac Beer Co.: Citra Sour

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