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Four Brewers: Craft Beer and Homebrew

Mar 27, 2016

Season 3, Episode 13 – We didn’t really have a show planned out for this week, so we decided to raid John’s cellar.

Sometimes, you just want to head into your beer cellar, dust off some bottles, and see what happens. This week, that’s exactly what we did. If you’re a long time listener of Four Brewers, you’ve heard about John’s bloated cellar and the black hole of beers within. Since we didn’t really have anything planned for this week’s episode, John and Greg decided to brave the closet, no, uh, “cellar” and see what they could find.

Port Brewing and Lost AbbeyPort Brewing and Lost Abbey

So, what did they find? Turns out that John has a lot of brews from Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey. The beers they chose are among some of the best whalez out there, even for our beloved “new-money” craft beer drinkers.

The thing is, when you cellar a beer, you take a monetary risk. While most breweries would agree that beers are packaged to be consumed fresh (unless you’re Deschutes), beer geeks can’t resist laying a beer down for a while to see how it changes and develops. It becomes a monetary loss when the beer is cellared for a bit too long and takes on the qualities of an over-cellared beer. This week’s episode shows that with great power comes great responsibility. When cellaring beers, it’s important to monitor them in order to drink them when they’re at their prime. If they sit too long, well, they could turn into a hot mess. The beers on this week’s episode are a testament to both scenarios.

Nagel comes through in the end with a stellar barrel-aged cider that he made. Seriously, guys…it’s the best thing he’s ever brewed. Hit him up for the recipe because holy shit…



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