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Four Brewers: Craft Beer and Homebrew

Dec 9, 2014

Season 1, Episode 28 This week, some totally rad brews from our friend Philip Lorenzini, special guests John Ryti and Time Ryan, and Foudre, duders!

Long time friend of New Brew Thursday and Four Brewers, Philip Lorenzini, hooked us up with some really great beers, and we invited some friends to spread the beer love, John Ryti, aka Temecula’s Beer Ambassador, and Tim Ryan, aka “Showtime”.

We start with a beer that we meant to get to last month on the show, Cascade Brewing Company‘s Foudre #1. This beer is a blend of three soured triple ales and was released in celebration of Cascade’s newly acquired foudre. If you’re not sure what a foudre is, it’s essential a very large wooden barrel, or cask. This photo was taken at Crooked Stave a few years ago and shows a style of foudre.

Cascade, Perennial, and Three Taverns Beers.Cascade, Perennial, and Three Taverns Beers.

Needless to say, Foudre #1 is pretty great. Cascade used to be a somewhat rare treat for us in these parts, since they are located in Portland, Oregon, but their distribution to SoCal has picked up, and now we can very easily and joyfully give them all of our beer monies.

Next up are two beers from Perennial Artisan Ales, one of which was provided by Philip Lorenzini, and the other acquired by our very own Matt Becker. Fist up is Saison de Lis, which is a Belgian style ale made with chamomile flowers. The chamomile works very well in this brew, and the beer itself stands out as very unique. Hints of cinnamon spice crept their way into the beer, too. It’s really interesting and totally worth trying if the opportunity ever presents itself to you.

Stefon is next up. This was a collaboration beer between Perennial and Solemn Oath Brewery. It’s a dark rye farmhouse ale that was conditioned with brettanomyces. The brett isn’t very dominant in this beer, which is neither a good nor bad quality, and the beer overall is very well balanced and flavorful.

Last up from Philip is Theophan The Recluse from Three Taverns Craft Beers. This beer is an Imperial Russian Stout that has flavors of raisins, bread and chocolate. This brewery is new to us, and this first offering was really solid.

BIG, BIG thanks to Philip for sending these beers. He’s and awesome guy and a loyal fan. Cheers, dude!

Onto something that we’re really excited about: We’ve started a Patreon campaign! If you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s a crowdfunding service similar to Kickstarter, except it’s meant to allow donors, or “patrons” as they call them, the opportunity to give continued support for artists through monetary donations. In our case, we are accepting donations on a per-episode basis. You can contribute any amount you wish, per episode, be it a quarter or ten bucks (holy shit!).

Take the time to check it out. We ultimately want to offer more content to our fans, i.e. supplemental video content of our personal brew days and homebrewing techniques, visiting breweries, going to more festivals, etc., and we can only do that with your help. If you feel you get any value from the show, please consider throwing some duckets our way. We’re off to a great start, and couldn’t be happier about the generosity of our fans and friends thus far. THANK YOU!

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This week’s episode is sponsored by the OC Brew HoHo Holiday Ale Festival, which is Saturday, December 13th at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, California. There will be a plethora of great brews on tap, and a butt-load of tasty food trucks. Check out the tap list, and head over to for tickets. It WILL sell out, so snatch ‘em up while you can!

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